December 18, 2023

The all-new, 28-page ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #15 is on sale NOW! – The newest AFK issue hit the shelves at our affiliated local comic shop – FUNNYBOOKS Comics & Stuff, in Parsippany New Jersey — on November 18th (just under a year after AFK#14 went on sale mid-December 2022).

ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #15 concludes the two-part, 52-page, “The Knock-Offs,” storyline which introduces GOODROBOT and SHOCKINATOR — “evil doppelgangers” of ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR — to the AFK Universe. The Knock-Offs are — in reality — two knock-off ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR action figures, Tommy’s Dad brings home with him from a business trip to Japan.

I’m really happy with the way “The Knock-Offs” turned out — things just really came together for this one in so many ways (it’s hard to explain how that works exactly). The story itself certainly leans super-hard into the humor element ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM has become known for, as the Knock-Off’s are somewhat idiotic and inept, and that lends itself (hopefully) to a lot of comedy. – ACROBOT’S doppelganger, GOODROBOT, especially shines (pun intended) as the true star of the book — he is just very funny, and has become one of my favorite AFK characters to work with. – another major element of AFK#15 is the return of two ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM characters not seen in quite a while, and I know AFK fans are really going to enjoy their appearance, and their involvement in the story.

Which of these three AFK duos do you think make their return in

“The Knock-Offs,” not only brings the AFK issue count to fifteen, but it brings the overall AFK storyline count to five — “Return of the Queen” (AFK#1-4), “Zombie Kingdom” (AFK#5-6), “Blast from the Past” (AFK#7-10), “The Try-Out Issues” (AFK#11-13), and now, “The Knock-Offs” (AFK#14-15). — It’s hard to believe I’m up to fifteen issues of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM – especially when I look back on producing the earliest issues — and while I am happy with every AFK storyline so far — God willing — the best is yet to come!

Thanks for Reading! – Action Steve

Note… AFK#15 is not yet available on our online store here at We will be creating an all-new AFK website in 2024 (If you are reading this and want to order any AFK issues, please contact FUNNYBOOKS for now.)

September 29, 2023

Greetings ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM fans! – “Action” Steve here with an update on all the many things going on at ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM Headquarters, here in New Jersey, USA!

Although we’ve hit some snags lately (personal issues which have delayed some production — not uncommon in the art field) work has been going really well on the coloring of the interior pages of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM, which have traditionally been presented in black & white. — As of this writing, almost the entirety of AFK#1-4 (Return of the Queen), as well as AFK#5-6 (Zombie Kingdom) have been colored. – That’s six issues (about 160 pages) of AFK in full-color!

I think everyone will marvel at the entirety of the finished colored pages when they see them, thanks to the incredible talent of AFK colorist, Lea Jean Badelles (we’ve included some samples below). – Once this initial batch of colored issues (AFK#1-6) is finalized, we will be looking to bring ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM to a much wider audience – either as full-color comics, full-color graphic novels, or both, as well as digitally. — Although I’m not really sure how I will approach any of this yet.

Color page samples… One page, from each of the first four issues of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM. — The fourth page demonstrates the contrast we are creating between the AFK world, and the “real” world.

The move from ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM’s B&W “grass roots” stage, to AFK’s full-color launch, provides the opportunity to “fix” some things — mostly minor — to solidify the continuity of the AFK Universe going forward. – One of these changes will be, renaming Tommy (the main kid in the story) to Eddie (I’ve wanted to change Tommy’s name for a while now, and recently settled on Eddie as the new name). – Another name-change will be, changing FIREKING’S name to KINGFIRE. — KINGFIRE was the character’s original name, before it was changed to FIREKING (to match the, “monarch followed by elemental power” order of the names FREEZEQUEEN and ROCKJACK). – I was never really happy I made the change to FIREKING — maybe that’s why I’ve been running an ongoing joke in AFK, about characters calling him KINGFIRE by mistake. — The good thing is, I can keep all those jokes, and just switch the names around.

Perhaps the most ambitious change, is replacing a three-page scene at the very end of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #4, where ACROBOT gets a new faceplate (a replacement for the one with the broken “pointy-thing”). — In the “remastered” version of AFK#4, ACROBOT will be welding his pointy-thing back on. — I wanted to get rid of the faceplate concept for a number of reasons, one of them being that ACROBOT’s origin has changed since I wrote and drew the faceplate sequence many years ago (yes, there is an origin story in the works, and it’s pretty cool). –– The three replacement pages have been completed, and I am very happy with the results — I was even able to keep all of the original humor. – Those pages are now in Lea’s hands for coloring.

Drawing the three AFK#4 replacement pages was an excellent warm-up for the work I still needed to do to complete on the upcoming, 28-page AFK#15 (which – after countless dedicated hours at the drawing board — is now nearing completion). If everything goes according to plan — and God willing — AFK#15 will go on sale this November.

I know AFK fans are really going to enjoy this one!

Stay tuned! – And thanks for reading! – Action Steve

April 30, 2023

Greetings ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM fans! It’s me, “Action” Steve with the details on our 2023 ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Comic!

At the time of this writing, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023 is just one week away — and this year, we here at ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM Headquarters (It’s really just me) will continue our years-long streak of producing our own FREE COMIC for the big event!

This year’s ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comic will present the first SIX pages of the upcoming 28-page ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #15, in its sketch layout form, which will give AFK fans a taste of the new issue, while also offering some insight into the AFK creative process. The AFK 2023 freebie will be a mini-comic, like our previous FCBD comics — smaller trim size than a regular AFK issue, and black & white from cover to cover.

Everyone who stops by our affiliated comic shop — FUNNYBOOKS Comics & Stuff, in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey — on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (Saturday, May 6th this year) will get a FREE copy. For those who can’t make it, we will be sure to post the FREE issue here at on our “Free Reads” section the first chance we get.


The cover of the AFK 2023 FCBD mini-comic will pose the question, “Which ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM character will return in AFK#15?”, and will pay homage to the famous “BRADY BUNCH grid” by featuring NINE AFK characters — one of which will return in the upcoming issue (I came-up with the interactive, “who will return?” concept, but I have to thank our pal, ZIGGY for the BRADY BUNCH idea. — I am a huge BRADY BUNCH fan and had a lot of fun drawing the cover). Another cool aspect of this year’s AFK FCBD cover is, it doubles as a mystery… I’ve always loved comic book covers that pose a question (like, “Who will die?” or “Who will join the team?”) which will be answered inside the issue. — And indeed, AFK fans will find out who returns in AFK#15, inside our FCBD 2023 issue.

Who do YOU think will return? – Find out on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023! – Action Steve

January 20, 2023

Greetings and Happy New Year ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM fans (and curious onlookers)! – I was just reading through my last AFK post to see where we left-off! – That post was back in May of last year (2022), when I was working on completing ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #14. — I guess it’s about time for an update!

Back in that May post, I reported the finished pencils for the 24-page, AFK#14 (part one of the two-part “Knock-Offs” storyline) were nearly completed and to “look for the new issue soon.”  However, when the issue was finalized and ready to go to the printer, we hit some snags. To make a long story short… We had to find a new printer – which we did – and for a number of reasons, it just took a while to get the ball rolling and get the issue scheduled. – Finally, in mid-December(!) the new issue was printed and went on sale at our affiliated New Jersey Comic Shop, FUNNYBOOKS!

The cover to the All-New AFK#14 – colors by the amazing, Lea Jean Badelles. — Note: Since my last post, the covers on AFK#14 and AFK#15 were switched-up

AFK#14 is part one of the two-part, “The Knock-Offs,” storyline (AFK’s Fifth storyline if you’re keeping score). The 24-pager begins as Tommy’s dad gives Tommy knock-off versions of ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR, which he picked-up on his business trip to Japan. Tommy comments how the knock-offs — GOOD ROBOT and SHOCKINATOR — look, “kind of evil,” and puts them in play in his ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM world as bad guys. “The Knock-Offs” leans heavily into the fun and humor AFK has become known for, as ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR’S evil doppelgängers are somewhat idiotic. The issue ends with an old-school cliffhanger (another AFK trademark) which leads into the upcoming 28-page AFK#15, and the story’s grand conclusion!

As I write this, I’m well on my way through the finished pencils for AFK#15 – finishing about 80% of each the first nineteen (of 28) pages — I try to get as much done on a page before moving on, but always have to go back with a finer lead to tighten everything up, add final details, and make sure I don’t forget anything (like SHOCKINATOR’s freckles, costume details, and other continuity specifics). My goal is to finish the pencils before I began coaching the local high school boys’ lacrosse team in March. Not saying I’ll get it done, but I’m working towards that goal. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can tell you that AFK#15 will be a lot of fun, and part of that fun will be the return of two characters who have previously appeared in ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM — I think AFK fans are really going to enjoy this one!

There’s a lot more AFK to talk about, but I’ll save that for my next post (I have to get back to the drawing board – literally!). — Thanks for reading! – Action Steve

May 26, 2022
Time Flies When You’re Having FUNNYBOOKS

Welcome back, ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM Fans. – Once again, too much time has passed between AFK updates — over a full year – Yikes!

You see… When I completed work on the most recent issue of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM (AFK#13 – back in February 2021), I had this feeling I had reached the end of a “phase” of AFK work. — I had been going pretty strong for a while — with 13 issues, 4 storylines, 21 characters, and over 300 pages of sequential art under my belt — and, although I have a reservoir of new AFK stories I would like to tell, no particular idea was jumping out at me as “the one” this time. This indecision — combined with being overwhelmingly busy in other areas (in particular, owning and managing a comic book shop — FUNNYBOOKS — during a pandemic, and also my seasonal job of coaching the local high school boys’ lacrosse team) resulted in an unplanned hiatus from writing and drawing comics through most of the rest of 2021.

Of course, even while on hiatus I was still thinking a lot about ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR, and which adventure I would take them on next (or is it THEM taking ME on adventures?). Several ideas would come around on the “AFK storyline Lazy Susan.” There’s the much requested origin story of how ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR first met and became “THE GOOD GUYS” (unfortunately, that one is not quite ready yet), the return the lacrosse-inspired LAMBASTER (this time with the rest of the team), the bring-back of MISTER BLAST (a very intricately woven story which is mostly written and I’m almost ready to tackle), and more stories involving the recently introduced AFK Teen Team, “THE ACRONATORS.” — Oh yeah… there was also this other idea which would pop into my head from time to time, about Tommy getting cheap, knock-off versions of ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR.

In the fall of 2021, with the pandemic settling down a little (before Delta and Omicron), comic book conventions began to make their return, and my pal Ziggy and I decided to attend the Baltimore Comic Con (one of our annual favorites). Maybe it was the con that stimulated my creative process, because immediately upon my return home, I had a clear direction for the next AFK storyline. — I was going with the “Knock-Off” thing.

Set-up for the 2021 Baltimore Comic Con

Once I decided on the “Knock-Offs” story, (which would feature evil versions of ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR, looking to defeat and replace our two heroes — mostly (apparently) so they could use the amenities of their headquarters), I was immediately consumed with it. I spent about two weeks writing and re-writing the script, having some great creative break-throughs along the way (including bringing in a couple of characters AFK fans haven’t seen in a while). I was also lucky enough to stumble upon a number of humorous situations for ACROBOT, SPARKINATOR, and their two idiotic knock-offs, GOODROBOT and SHOCKINATOR, who I may have unconsciously (then consciously) patterned after the Three Stooges.

I’ve been working hard on “The Knock-Offs” ever since. — I broke the script down into two issues, the 24-page AFK#14, and the 28-page AFK#15. All fifty-two pages, and both covers, have been sketched-out and lettered, and I’m almost done with the finished pencils for AFK#14. — Look for ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #14 soon, (hopefully — and very much depending on finding a new printer), followed by ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #15 this fall.

The covers for the upcoming AFK#14 and AFK#15 (Work in Progress – the covers images will most likely be switched)

Last week was Free Comic Book Day 2022, and once again, our affiliated Comic Book Shop, FUNNYBOOKS in Lake Hiawatha, NJ (celebrating 30 years of business just about a month from now) and ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM, teamed-up to produce an exclusive Free Comic for the annual event. The ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #14 PREVIEW MINI-COMIC features the first 7 pages of AFK#14, which set the stage for all the action and humor that follows! – You can now read the AFK#14 FCBD Mini-Comic (along with previous FUNNYBOOKS’ FCBD exclusives) right here at in our “FREE READS” section (if it’s not up there now, It will be posted shortly).

Time to get back to the drawing board — literally. — Thanks for Reading! – Action Steve

February 18, 2021
The Origin of ACROBOY

Greeting AFK fans. — “Action” Steve here again!

Having just launched ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #13, and thus wrapped-up the newest AFK storyline, “The Try-Out Issues,” I have taken a short break from creating new stories to focus on other areas of AFK — Including more frequent blog posts!

In “The Try-Outs,” I introduced several promising new characters to ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM fans, including RRRAPIDO — a teenage speedster from Mexico City, SPARKINETTA — a teenage girl who is a genius gadget-maker, and ACROBOY — a young African American kid who idolizes ACROBOT and has built himself an ACROBOT “suit of armor.” I am really pleased to have added these three instant stars to the AFK universe, not only because they are super-cool and fun to work with, but also for the inclusivity they bring to ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM.

Since February is Black History Month (here in America and in other parts of the world), I wanted to talk specifically about the conceptualizing of one of these new characters, ACROBOY, whose origins can be traced back to my experiences attending comic book conventions to promote and sell ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM. Two particular shows come to mind… a relatively small “Kids Comic Con” I’ve attended several times at the Bronx Community College in NYC (organized by Alex Simmons), and also the Baltimore Comic Con – one of my favorite “big” cons every year. Both of these cons are located in largely black and multicultural communities, and their attendance reflects those demographics. Over the years at these shows, I have pitched my comic to many interested black children and their gracious families, and I began to realize there was something missing in my pitch — and in my universe. It was at one of the Baltimore cons where I first conceived of the character “ACROBOT JUNIOR” — later changed to “KID ACROBOT” — and finally changed to “ACROBOY.” How can I say this? … I didn’t add a black character to sell more comics to a black audience, I created ACROBOY because these kids deserved a character made with them in mind, and I was inspired by them to create that character.

ACROBOY! – Colors by Lea Jean Badelles.

I really love ACROBOY. He is kind and thoughtful, and has a deep moral center — just like ACROBOT. He’s really smart and loves to learn. He’s also fun, courageous, exuberant and very charismatic. I think he has endless potential as a hero, and — being just a kid — he’s just getting started. I am really looking forward to producing more stories which involve ACROBOY down the line, and if I can launch ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM to the “big-time,” I would love to bring in some black creators to help tell those stories.

Thanks for reading! – Action Steve

February 1, 2021

Greetings ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM fans! — “Action” Steve here with some good news… The all-new, 28-page ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #13 is now on sale!

AFK#13 may be the GREATEST EVER issue of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM (and if you’ve been reading the story, you’ll see what I did there). The new issue delivers the action-packed conclusion to the “Try-Out Issues” storyline — which began back in AFK#11 — and features nearly cover-to-cover action, with the largest cast of characters ever to appear in a single issue of AFK!  Hopefully, the new issue also delivers some good humor along the way (not the ice cream, silly!). All this plus, AFK fans will finally find out how the try-outs end. — After all… this whole story started with ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR looking to recruit a new member to the team (or more technically — as ACROBOT would point-out — the duo).

ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #13 delivers several “firsts.” — It’s the first issue of AFK to feature a choice of two covers — a decision made in part because it’s also the first issue with covers colored by the talented, Lea Jean Badelles (whose amazing coloring work is elevating ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM to new levels). Another “first” may not be so apparent until you finish the issue, so we’ll let you try to figure that one out for yourself.

You can get your hands on the new issue at FUNNYBOOKS Comics & Stuff — our affiliated comic book shop in Lake Hiawatha, NJ — or you can order a copy online at FUNNYBOOKS’ online store (HERE) or right (HERE) at the webstore.

I’d like to thank my friend, Regina, from Mexico City, for providing the “English to Spanish” translations for some of the dialogue featured in the “Try-Out Issues” storyline — GRACIAS REGINA :)

And to all the fans of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM… Thanks for reading! – Action Steve

January 1, 2021
Enter 2021

Happy New Year AFK fans! — “Action” Steve here… I hope everyone is doing well out there. — As usual, here at ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM Headquarters there is a lot going on in multiple directions, which — when added together — all lead to one direction… forward!

Once again I haven’t been posting here as often as I should – it’s a combination of not wanting to “toot my own horn” and not wanting to talk about things that have not been accomplished yet. That being said, I’ve accomplished quite a bit in 2020, including producing TWO all-new issues of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM — the 24-page AFK#12 which went on sale mid-2020, and the 28-page AFK#13 (which is currently at the printer and should be available in a couple of weeks). I also designed and illustrated a whole bunch of cool AFK pin-ups (most of which have yet to be revealed) and I wrote and illustrated a 5-page ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM issue which serves as a PSA for wearing a face-covering during the pandemic. The 5-pager was printed and handed-out for FREE at our affiliated comic shop, FUNNYBOOKS Comics & Stuff in New Jersey.

Even with all the new material I’ve been steadily producing, the initiative I’m most excited about is working with colorist Lea Jean Badelles, who is in the process of coloring (hopefully) the entirety of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM, beginning with AFK#1. Lea has also colored multiple AFK pin-ups and has taken over the coloring duties for new ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM covers (beginning with AFK#13). She also did an amazing job coloring the aforementioned, 5-page, “GOOD GUYS WEAR MASKS” PSA, which you can now read right here at at our FREE READS tab. Lea is just incredible, and also very pleasant to work with. I am so very fortunate to have found her and to be working with such a talented artist.

Now that I’ve completed the fourth AFK storyline (issue #13 wraps-up “The Try-Out Issues” arc), I kind of have a clean slate ahead of me for the first time in years, and I am looking forward to coming up with new material, and producing new stories, and for what 2021 and beyond could mean for ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM.

Let’s get started!

Thanks for reading! – Action Steve

August 30, 2020

Hello out there, AFK fans! Hope you are all doing well! …or, at least, well enough!

Here’s some Good News! … The long-awaited, ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #12 is now on sale! You can get your copy at FUNNYBOOKS (our affiliated comic book shop in Lake Hiawatha, NJ) or you can purchase a copy right here at (click HERE) or at FUNNYBOOKS’ own online store (click HERE)

The newest AFK issue was actually finished “on time” back in early April, but by then the entire state of New Jersey (where AFK Headquarters is located) had been shut down due to the pandemic — a shutdown that included our printer in Hackensack, NJ. — Once some businesses were given the go ahead to resume operations in late June, our printer had to get though a backlog of projects before ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #12 could hit the presses.

ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM fans should really enjoy the new issue, which presents part two of the 3-part “Try-Out Issues” storyline. The 24-pager features lots of ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR back & forth, and will hopefully bring a smile to your face, as the GOOD GUYS continue their search for a new teammate. – There’s even some action in this one!

The new issue brings back a character not seen since our debut storyline “Return of the Queen” (unless you’re counting the final page of AFK#11), and also includes the first appearances of two all-new AFK characters… one who has a familiar look, and one who is kind of a jerk!  – But, perhaps the most important first appearance in AFK#12 is the first ever AFK printed work by our amazing new colorist Lea Jean Badelles (the colorist of the Ringo Award-winning PUNK TACO Hard Cover) who supplies the colors on our back cover (I am her biggest fan!). Look for more from Lea as ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM continues to move forward in multiple directions.

The back cover of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #12 features the first ever, AFK printed work colored by our talented new colorist, Lea Jean Badelles.

While waiting for our slot at the printer, I came up with a new concept for the front cover of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #12. Instead of showing the four try-out applicants in a “Brady Bunch” style grid (as seen on the inside back cover of AFK#11), I came up with the current “arranged polaroids” concept, which — as much as I love the Brady Bunch — I felt was more compelling.  I think the result is a pretty spiffy-looking front cover. Many thanks to longtime AFK Cover colorist, Ziggy B. who provided the colors.

The front cover of AFK#12 went through a last minute redesign. — Here are the “before and afters.”

There’s a whole lot more to tell you about regarding all the many things going on behind the scenes here at ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM headquarters, including all the progress being made on the upcoming 28-page ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #13 (which I plan to have finished by the end of the year). Stay tuned AFK fans!

Thanks for reading! – Action Steve

April 19, 2020

Hello again ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM fans (and curious onlookers). Like many of you out there, I am sheltered in place during this very frightening and extremely sad, Covid-19 global pandemic. I have tried to be productive with my extra downtime — moving forward with various ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM initiatives — and I’m here to fill you in on all the things going on at AFK headquarters in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey.

First the good news… The all-new, long-awaited, 24-page ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #12 is pretty much completed (I only need to get one final proofreading) — Now the bad news… Our printer is currently closed due to the health crisis. This means unfortunately AFK fans will have to wait just a little while longer — until things at the printer can get rolling again — to get their hands on the new issue. — Here’s a sneak peak at the front cover!

I’m pretty happy with how AFK#12 turned-out — especially considering how wishy-washy I was at one point, trying to decide which direction to take the story. I am now confident that I made the right decisions along the way. I have to admit, drawing the issue also got off to a shaky start. I hadn’t produced a new issue in a while, and — those of you who do not draw, may not know — it can take some time to “get your hand back.” But I worked diligently at it, and I think the pages came out really solid.

Previous issue (AFK#11) Spoiler Warning! … The final page of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #11 revealed the return of ROCKJACK “The Rock-Control Guy” — who hadn’t been seen since our very first storyline — “Return of the Queen” — told in the pages of AFK#1-4. Besides our first ever, “return of a character,” the new issue also features the first appearances of not one, but two, all-new, ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM characters — including one who I feel is destined for AFK super-stardom (did I hear someone say, “collectors’ item”?). AFK#12 is also filled with the kind of humor everyone expects from our heroes, ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR, and also has a pretty compelling cliffhanger ending – a staple of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM storylines in progress. Hopefully, when we can finally get it printed, ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #12 will be worth the long wait between issues — and hopefully, you won’t have to wait so long for the next one.

Shortly after finishing AFK#12, I decided to keep things rolling and sat down to write ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM #13 — from scratch. I kind of knew where I wanted to go with this one, and I also got very lucky at times, coming up with some really good material. The preliminary script only took me a couple of days, and I’m now in the editing process – breaking it down into pages and panels. I can then get started on the page layouts – that part of making a comic is a lot of fun.

As for the story… AFK#13 will wrap-up the “Try-out Issues” storyline — making it the first-ever, ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM three-issue story arc (AFK trivia fans take note!). It’s also going to be the most action-packed AFK issue to date — which will make it much more challenging for me to draw. I like to conclude my storylines with biggest issues of the arc, and AFK#12 will continue that tradition, running about 28-pages.

So… Who will be the newest member of the GOOD GUYS? That question will finally be answered in AFK#13 — hopefully — before the end of 2020.

Since many families are stuck in their homes during this crisis, I thought this would be a good time to make ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM available for everyone to read – for FREE. You can now follow the adventures of ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR on webtoons – one of the leading digital comic book platforms in the world. WEBTOONS has an “episodic” approach to comics, so I’ve been breaking up ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM issues into segments of varying lengths, with each segment becoming an episode. As of this moment, Both AFK#1 and AFK#2 have been posted in their entirety — and I’ve been adding new episodes at least couple of times each week. It’s kind of a cool way to read ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM, which seems well suited for the way webtoons presents it’s content. You can check it out by clicking … HERE!

BTW.. You can also read ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM (issues #1-6 — with the rest coming soon) on Amazon’s digital platform – Comixology. And you can purchase the physical copies of AFK #1-11, at our AFK store right here on this website, as well as on our affiliated local comic shop – FUNNYBOOKS’ – all-new e-commerce platform which you can check out HERE.

Even with all the cool AFK news mentioned above, the thing I’m most excited to tell you about is working with our new ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM colorist, Lea Jean Badellas, whose coloring work is so outstanding. – She’s just what I’ve been looking for!

I became aware of Lea Jean’s work last summer, while checking-out Adam Wallenta’s PUNK TACO Hard Cover at Terrificon – my first time at this very cool annual comic con in Northern Connecticut. As I was looking through PUNK TACO – which would later go on to win the 2019 “Ringo Award” for “Best Kid’s Comic or Graphic Novel” — I could tell Lea was extremely well-skilled, and that her eye for color was just on another level. Her bold, colorful, and radient style was also right up my alley. — I was genuinely flattered when she agreed to color my pencils in ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM – I couldn’t believe she was even available. — I have to pat myself on the back just a little for this one… I was very patient, and also extremely picky in my long search for an interior colorist for ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM, and I know that I have found the right one in Lea Jean. I really hope I can keep Lea happy and interested in working with me for the long run, and that we can work together to color the entirety of ACTION FIGURE KINGDOM — as well as what’s to come.

Speaking of which… I better get to work on the new stuff, before Lea catches up to me.

Thanks for reading! And stay safe. – Action Steve